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Spirit Coordinator




Bachelor’s Degree required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Must have strong experience in cheer and dance; college level experience as a competitive cheerleader and/or coach preferred.  Must hold a valid driver’s license and have a good driving record to qualify to drive college vehicles.

JOB SUMMARY:          



Identifies prospective student athletes and establishes and maintains appropriate communication.

Arranges for effective on-campus visits.

Demonstrates success with respect to qualified prospective student athletes.



Initiates active selling of advertising for scholarship funding.

Participates in fundraising activities/events producing scholarship funding.

Coordinates fundraising for the individual sport.

Coordinates and hosts competitions for scholarship fundraising.



Organizes and supervises all practices.

Develops, with assistance from the Athletic Director, competition schedule that is appropriate for competition levels and budget considerations.

Assumes responsibility for team travel.



Assists the admissions/financial aid advising process of team members.

Monitors academic progress and eligibility of all team members, providing intervention strategies or resources when necessary.

Orientation of student athletes regarding expectations, college policies, code of ethics, and local resources.

Enforces college policies and recommends sanctions for student violations.

Assists with orientation of drug testing policy.


Public Relations:

Establishes appropriate rapport with the media.

Represents the department and Iowa Western to service clubs, media, and alumni groups.

Works with Reiver Booster Club on projects and fundraising.

Is responsible for information needed to produce marketing products for cheer and dance teams.


Administrative Responsibilities:

Comply with the colleges, ICCAC’s, and NJCAA’s rules and regulations.

Adhere to the competition safety standards of the AACCA. 

Obtains and maintains required certifications.

Manages program within budget parameters.

Executes purchasing and resolves expense accounts appropriately.

Submits travel request and itineraries in a timely manner.

Conducts timely and accurate inventories. (Inventories due within two weeks of season end.)

Attends scheduled departmental meetings.

Enforces medical and insurance procedures.

Participates in clinics for professional improvement.

Works with and is supportive of other coaches.


Specific goals of the program:                       

Lead all school spirit activities (games, pep rallies, etc.)

Encourage and coordinate direct crowd involvement at athletic events.

Create a cooperative spirit between the squad, student body, and the athletic community.

Help develop and support school traditions.

Provide entertainment that adds to the overall atmosphere of college athletic events.  Wow the crowd.

Interact with alumni at alumni functions.

Serve as ambassadors and positive role models in the community for Iowa Western.  Represent positively Iowa Western and Reiver Athletics.

Academic achievement “Student-Athletes”

Implement a comprehensive safety program plan.



Develop and promote game activities and events.

Work collaboratively with Student Activities Coordinator, housing staff, and Alumni Director on game activities and events.

Keep up to date the “Reiver Board” publicizing & promoting Reiver Athletics.

Utilize the IWCC News to publicize and promote Reiver Athletics.

Utilize the Reiver Web-site to publicize and promote Reiver Athletics.

Publicize and promote Reiver Athletics to Reiver boosters.


Performs other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director

Job Duties:

Salary Range:


Application Deadline:

open until filled