What Will You Become?
Iowa Western Community College


Thought of as the crown of the campus, the Department of Fine Art is housed in the Art Center building. The college's Arts Center facility, overlooks the beautiful Loess Hills, providing a high quality learning environment for the arts. It is a singular building within a fantastic community. The unique architecture contains within in it all forms of artistic study and practice.

Photography and fine art classes are housed within two separate studios. Photography and design are placed in a state of the art Macintosh lab where students utilize the latest software in an industry inspired environment. The traditional fine arts reside in a fantastic two thousand square foot studio with a wall of north facing windows providing spectacular light and views of the Loess Hills. The fine art studio is organized in a way that provides students with a contemporary environment in which to practice their artistic studies.

The Iowa Western Fine Art Gallery is located adjacent to the studios and is equipped with track lighting, security cameras, and nearly sixty feet of exhibition space. This space allows students the opportunity to view contemporary art in person and exhibit themselves.