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Iowa Western Community College

Computer Information Technology Photos


May 13, 2011: Work begins on the remodel of the Fremont Networking Laboratory (F107, 105 and 103). A grant from Google Tides foundation provides for a transformation of the room to the "Enterprise Computing Center". Features of the new space include dedicated high speed Internet access, a student run network, and a separate server room. Besides the computer laboratory, there will also be tables for team centered learning, and computer work benches for computer repair.

Cyber Defense Competition


IWCC students participate in Iowa State University's Community College Cyber Defense Competition each December. The students created a private network with an established set of services and users. They then defended their network against ISU graduate students attempting to hack into their network.
Google provided a hardware grant that has allowed the CIT department to conduct their own CDC each spring

Google Earth Creator Pays Visit to IWCC

headshotOne of the top technology executives with Google paid a visit to Iowa Western Community College to encourage a classroom of computer students to broaden their knowledge of the growing Internet world. Michael Jones, Google's Chief Technology Advocate, provided insight on the coming century of education and innovation and the work going on at Google. The event provided an excellent opportunity for computer information technology students to hear from a technical leader of a great technology company, said Bill Barrett, professor and program chair of IWCC's Computer Department. "This was a remarkable opportunity for our students to interact with an industry leader in the area of information and communications," Barrett said. At Google, Jones is charged with advancing the technology to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. He travels the globe to meet and speak with governments, businesses, partners and customers in order to advance Google's mission and technology. Jones previously was Chief Technologist of Google Maps, Earth, and Local Search, the teams responsible for providing location intelligence and information in global context to users worldwide. Before its acquisition by Google, Jones was CTO of Keyhole Corporation, the company that developed the technology used today in Google Earth. He was also CEO of Intrinsic Graphics, and earlier, was Director of Advanced Graphics at Silicon Graphics. A prolific inventor and computer programmer since the 4th grade, Jones has developed scientific and interactive computer graphics software, held engineering and business executive roles, and is an avid reader, traveler and amateur photographer.