Early Childhood Studies
Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
ECE244Early Childhood Guidance with Lab 4.0
ECE103Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3.0
ECE170Child Growth and Development 3.0
ECE153Early Childhood Curriculum I with Lab 4.0
SPC122Interpersonal Communication 3.0
  Credits 17.0
Second Semester
ECE120Communication with Families 2.0
ECE156Early Childhood Curriculum II with Lab 4.0
ECE221Infant/Toddler Care and Education 3.0
ECE125School Age Care 2.0
ECE133Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3.0
ENG105Composition I 3.0
  Credits 17.0
Third Semester
EDU235Children’s Literature 3.0
ECE287Exceptional Learner 3.0
ECE268Early Childhood Field Experience 4.0
ECE290Early Childhood Program Administration 3.0
A.A.S. Mathematics Requirement    (MAT 102 or higher) 3.0
  Credits 16.0
Fourth Semester
ECE258Early Childhood Field Practicum 6.0
CSC110Introduction to Computers OR
BCA212Introduction to Computer Business Applications 3.0
MGT195Workplace Empowerment 3.0
Social Science Elective 3.0
  Credits 15.0

  65.0  Total Semester Hours Required