HVAC/R Technology Diploma
Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
HCR121Forced Air Heating Systems 2.0
HCR103Introduction to HVAC/R and Safety 3.0
HCR201Applied Practices I: Repair and Service 4.0
HCR188Electricity for HVAC/R 4.0
MAT743Technical Math 3.0
  Credits 16.0
Second Semester
HCR208Boilers and Hydronic Systems 4.0
HCR301Applied Practices II: Advanced Repair and Service 3.0
HCR250Electronic Controls 3.0
HCR348Soldering, Piping, and Fitting 3.0
MGT130Principles of Supervision 3.0
  Credits 16.0
HCR402HVAC/R Internship OR
HCR401HVAC/R Capstone 4.0
HCR458Alternative Energy Sources 2.0
HCR448Applied Practices III: Installation 3.0
  Credits 9.0

  41.0  Total Semester Hours Required