Industrial Maintenance Technician
Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
ELT215Motors and Controls 2.0
ELT331Circuit Analysis I 4.0
ELT332Circuit Analysis I Lab 1.0
IND109Equipment Safety and Operation 3.0
IND117Industrial Engineering Technology Orientation 3.0
MAT743Technical Math *3.0
  Credits 16.0
Second Semester
ELT250Programmable Logic Controllers 3.0
ELT251Programmable Logic Controllers Lab 2.0
MFG145Light Machining for Maintenance Trades 4.0
WEL149Arc Welding 3.0
WTT143Mechanical Power Transmission 3.0
  Credits 15.0

  31.0  Total Semester Hours Required

*May substitute with MAT 102 or higher.