Surgical Technology
Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
BIO168Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4.0
HSC167Sterile Processing Instrumentation 5.0
HSC113Medical Terminology 2.0
HSC164Sterile Processing Techniques 5.0
  Credits 16.0
Second Semester
PSY121Developmental Psychology 3.0
SUR420Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 2.0
SPC122Interpersonal Communication 3.0
BIO173Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4.0
ENG105Composition I 3.0
SUR135Ethics, Legal Issues and Professionalism in Surgical Technology 2.0
  Credits 17.0
Third Semester
SUR130Introduction to Surgical Technology 2.0
SUR141Introduction to Basic Surgical Principles 6.0
BIO186Microbiology 4.0
MGT195Workplace Empowerment 3.0
  Credits 15.0
Fourth Semester
SUR215Basic Surgical Principles 6.0
SUR221Surgical Technology 10.0
  Credits 16.0
SUR320Advanced Surgical Technology 7.0
  Credits 7.0

  71.0  Total Semester Hours Required

Students must earn a "C" or higher in all SUR, BIO, and HSC courses in order to graduate.