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Iowa Western Community College

School Bus Driver Training

Iowa Western offers the new driver's STOP class and the annual 3-hour training class required for authorization renewal.

Enroll your drivers in the 3-hour training 3 ways:

  1. Email us at ce@iwcc.edu
  2. Fax us at (712) 325-3721 to ATTN: Denise Norman
  3. Call at (712) 325-3415 (3 driver maximum please)

We need the first and last name, middle initial, home address, phone number, date of birth, SSN, and license number for each driver. 

New Driver STOP Class

Cost $100

This course will help prepare new school bus drivers for their role in helping to keep the children safe while riding on a school bus. Objectives include learning rules and regulations, safe driving practices, passenger control, emergency first aid, accident and emergency procedures, route hazard identification, loading and unloading procedures, and dealing with danger zones, route hazards, and pre/post trip inspections.

The New Driver's S.T.O.P. class is conducted in two parts, an online portion that takes about 14 hours followed by 3 hours of face-to-face training. The online part is done individually and at any time except for the last module, which is a test that must be proctored by the employer. Drivers can attend the 3-hour face-to-face session only after completing the online portion and receiving a certificate.

New Driver "Online" Session

Enrollment for the New Driver STOP class must be by email.

Email Iowa Western at ce@iwcc.edu to register a new driver and obtain the access code for the online portion. The cost of $100 covers both the online and face-to-face portions.

NOTE! The access URL/code is very long and intended to be handled electronically and by Copy and Paste. It will be very difficult to get it right by typing it in. We need an email address to send it to you.

How to Redeem Online Training Redemption Code

Enroll students by emailing ce@iwcc.edu. Include a PDF of the driver's certificate from the online portion of the class..

Alternately you can mail us a copy of the certificate to:

Iowa Western Community College
Continuing Education Bus Driver
2700 College Rd
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

If the driver has taken the 3-hour annual class, just send us their name and SSN, we already have the rest. If the new driver has not taken the 3-hour class, we need the name, address, SSN, driver's license number, and employer.

New Driver "Face to Face" Class Dates

DATE RESCHEDULED to Wed, April 11, 2018
6 pm – 9 pm
IWCC Council Bluffs Campus, Looft Hall 016

3-Hour Annual Driver Training Class

Cost $30

Driving The School Bus Responsibly

Every school bus driver finds themselves with a range of job duties to perform.  But the simple job of being a school bus driver is the major responsibility.  The bus driver is responsible for all aspects of their job, including the vehicle, the route, and most importantly, the safety of the children on board the school bus.  Whether it's loading and unloading the school bus, personal conduct, or just driving the bus down the road, a school bus driver must be ready for every challenge and be responsible for every action.  The annual school bus driver training class this year will cover all these aspects and more, helping every school bus driver to understand their role in transporting students in the safest way possible. This training will give Iowa school bus drivers the proper steps to follow to help keep their bus safe, themselves safe, and most importantly, the kids on their buses safe. 

Annual Driver Class Dates 

Wed, June 6, 2018 
6 pm – 9 pm
IWCC Council Bluffs Campus, Looft Hall 016