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Iowa Western Community College

Winterim Classes

Winterim 2016 is a three-week session comprised of classes that are offered completely online through Reiver Online Campus (ROC).  The Winterim term will begin December 19, 2016 and will end January 6, 2017.

More information about the Winterim Important Dates and Policies can be found on the Winterim 2016 Information Sheet.

Following is a list of classes that will be offered, and a sample syllabus for the course designed to give you an idea of what will be required of you in order to successfully complete the three-week online course. Each syllabus may include, but is not limited to, details regarding due dates for assignments, tests, and quizzes, as well as requirements for posting to online discussion boards.

ART 101 Art Appreciation
ART 184 Photography
ART 186 Digital Photography
BIO 151 Nutrition
CSC 110 Introduction to Computers
ENG 105 Composition I
GEO 121 World Regional Geography
HIS 110 Western Civilization: Ancent-Early Modern
HIS 151 US History to 1877
HIS 152 US History Since 1877
HUM 122 American Film
HUM 287 Leadership Development
MGT 195 Workplace Empowerment
MUS 100 Music Appreciation
PEH 142 First Aid
POL 111 American National Government
POL 121 International Relations
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology
PSY 241 Abnormal Psychology
REL 101 Survey of World Religions
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 115 Social Problems
SOC 120 Marriage and Family
SOC 200 Minority Group Relations
SOC 210 Men, Women and Society
SPC 112 Public Speaking
SPC 122 Interpersonal Communication