What Will You Become?
Iowa Western Community College

Student Experiences

First Year Students:

  • “I really appreciate that the professors are always willing to help as long as you’re willing to learn.” –Joy Martin
  • “The reason I enjoy the aviation program at IWCC is because it is a challenge every day.  It is also very rewarding once you have learned the material and are able to share what you have learned.” –Joshua Thompson
  • “I enjoy the experience and knowledge gained through theoretical, practical, and real world experiences provided by the instructors.” –Ken Myers
  • “Being here at IWCC in the aviation maintenance technology program has presented me with many opportunities to explore my passion and interest in aviation.  It’s pushed me to work my hardest at being the best I can be and give 100% all the time in every aspect of my life.” –John Bartlett
  •  “There are more than a few things that I enjoy about being a part of the Iowa Western Aviation Maintenance school but the number one thing is how much this program has expanded my technical knowledge base.” –Norman Manos
  • “The hands on experience to supplement classroom teaching.” –Tom Leone
  • “The realization that I need to fix my time management program.  I enjoy learning how to use new tools and the variety of things covered.” –Jameson Sands
  • “I like it because of the way that it is.” –Cari Wimmer
  • “Lots of hands on activities help with the in class learning.” –Dominic Valenti
  • “I like the hands on aspect of everything we do.  It’s vital for visual learners such as myself.” –Matthew Bennett

Second Year Students

  • “The professors are great!  All you have to do is ask your questions and they will do their best to help you understand.”         -Katy Gleaves
  • “I like how this program teaches the techniques for solving problems and how to fix them instead of just removing and replacing parts.”  -Kyle Beckner
  • “I like how the instructors are very stern with the FAA curriculum and what an aircraft mechanic should know.” –Garrett Songster
  • “Enjoy working on the aircraft and taking them out and running the engines to see if what we did fixed the problem or made it worse.” –Allen Jones
  • “This is a very rigorous but rewarding program.” –Justin Hall
  • “Instructors are dedicated to the learning of the students in a practical way.” –Tung Dang
  • “As long as you’re willing to work hard this program is very rewarding.” –Casey Vohnout
  • “I like the experience of working on a couple of different airplanes and the basketball hoop is fun.” –Jarrod Thiessen
  • “I learned a lot in powerplant, I learned about the real doe pee” –Toney Lusignan
  • “Variety of airplanes” –Tyler Seier
  • “Hard yet satisfying” –Chris Redding