What Will You Become?
Iowa Western Community College

Advance Placement Nursing

Advance Placement Nursing, a curriculum designed for Licensed Practical Nurses taking classes to earn their ADN, begins every Spring and Summer Semesters (January/June).  Students bring a variety of skills, nursing experience and years of practice to the program.

Taking three (3) semesters to complete the nursing courses, Advance Placement students usually continue to work 2-4 days each week.  The coursework is planned so the students increase the number of hours in class and clinical each semester, until the final semester, at which time students are in class 8 hours each week and clinical 16 hours each week.

The typical Advance Placement student has a job or job offer that calls for RN-level skills and scope of practice.  Others find furthering their education is self-gratifying and allows them many more career opportunities.


Admission to the college is granted to all individuals who are high school graduates or the equivalent; however, some programs may require additional information for acceptance.  We encourage you to review our Getting Started Checklist for specific requirements for admission.


Criminal Background Checks:  To comply with clinical site contracts, all students must submit to criminal record checks, child and  adult abuse checks as well as show proof they are not included in the Medicare/Medicaid exclusion list.